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"Admission Open For 2016-17 From Pre-Nursery To Class VIII" (Upto Class XII in Due Course)

About Us

"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." - Will Durant

Premsri Trust(R) a nonprofit organization established Srinidhi Public School in Feb 2010. Srinidhi Public School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The School is a co-educational school and is located in the South of Bangalore and spread over an area of two and half acres of land, with the aim of providing quality education at affordable costs and the best infrastructure.

Srinidhi Public School was set up to provide activity based education and also give the right guidance, encouragement and freedom to dream the impossible as we believe that each child has the intrinsic ability to do great deeds. We would train and develop students’ intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs and thus contribute to the all round development of children. The focus would be to train students to be successful future citizens of our country so that they would be able to contribute to the social, economic, educational and spiritual prosperity of our country in particular and the world in general.



Our school motto is ”Amrutham tu Vidya”- Knowledge is the nectar of God, is immortal and eternal. 'Source:' Katha Upanishad (Part 2, Canto 3, Sloka 17).

We at Srinidhi Public School believe that education is for gaining knowledge, the knowledge that blesses man, that which is pure and divine.

The Banyan Tree is referred to as the tree of immortality, an ability to survive and consistently grow for centuries. It also symbolizes the personality of a benevolent head of the family, a patriarch who nourishes and looks after all those under his care. The shade of this Kalpavruksha of the Indian scriptures has given enlightenment to our great sages and hence is an integral part of our logo.We want our children to be like the Banyan Tree consistently growing in all directions whilst providing shelter and succor to those in need.The pen signifies self expression and communication.


The colour Blue is that of the infinite sky and of the deep oceans. It is perceived as a colour of depth, strength and vastness. It has come to symbolise the qualities of tolerance, vastness, large heartedness. We wish to inculcate these very qualities in our children.

The colour Green is a symbol of growth in nature. An abundance of greenery is a symbol of Mother Nature’s bounty. We wish to state our sensitivity to God’s gift and our commitment to eco-friendly practices in all our activities.

The colour Yellow is that of the sun, the source of all cosmic energy. It constantly shines with optimism, enlightenment, energy and happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. We shall make our children such that they are constantly bubbling with joy and energy and spread the same to all those around them.

The colour Brown signifies solidity, stability and reliability. It is the colour of the soil of the earth. We reiterate our solid commitment and determination to achieving our Mission through this colour.